Aug. 28, 2015 – Striking a fair balance between employers and employees in Cayman Islands labor legislation has been an elusive goal for more than 27 years.

Many people contend the current Labour Law, 2011 Revision, which was substantively enacted in 1987, is not adequate for today’s Cayman and has led to some problems, including the exploitation of some employees, unsafe working conditions for others, and situations where the legal resolution to an employment-related conflict is not reflected in the law. Read More

July 30, 2015 – Cruise berthing facilities in George Town harbor have been debated for so long that many Caymanians were either children or not even born when the issue was first considered.

Despite the efforts of successive governments, to date there has been little progress to report (other than a virtual – and expanding – library of consultant studies and reports). That appears likely to change.

The current People’s Progressive Movement-led government has initiated yet another effort with a thorough process that includes an exhaustive and expensive (approximately $2 million) environmental impact assessment, a thorough economic analysis, and widespread public hearings. Read More

fifa front

George Town, Cayman Islands – A growing collection of the Cayman Compass reporting on the FIFA scandal. Read More